My Top 3 Things for 2021

Every year I go through a holistic planning and review process between Christmas and New Year, and this year marks the 10th year of this practice.

2020 was a challenging year but there were also some really wonderful things that came out of it; my son’s birth and early life, getting to know my in-laws very well (as housemates) and having more time to read, write, and reflect without ‘normal’ social engagements. As a father, I’m now responsible for another person’s life and this has changed my perspective about the things that matter (particularly about my own health and the health of loved ones).

For 2021, I wanted to add a simplification layer (in addition to my usual planning process) by breaking down my priorities into the top three things:

  • Health and Habits: Improving my health will be driven by improving my habits. I’m implementing stricter rules about my diet and exercise routine that I can adhere to in a sustainable way. I’d like to complete my first triathlon in Fall 2021 (Olympic Distance), hopefully joined by some friends.
  • Loved Ones: I’ve missed being physically present with many of my loved ones this year. My parents, or my sister (and her family) have not met my son. I’ve not seen many of my closest friends and family all year. I’m hoping to make up for lost time with loved ones with extended time laughing, eating and drinking together.
  • Purpose: Improving my own happiness and fulfillment is about prioritizing purpose. I’m hoping to continue to build my career in service of entrepreneurs and creators (e.g. software, capital and learning). I’m planning to lean into work that fulfills this purpose, and lean out of work that is inconsistent with this purpose.

Have a wonderful year ahead!

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