Angel Investing

I founded Musha Ventures over a decade ago to invest in startups across the world, and started my investing career at Index Ventures (as an MBA intern). I’ve now made ~100 investments in ~20 countries, and continue to invest actively all around the world.

As part of this, I run Musha Ventures Africa, with external investors, through a Rolling Fund in case you’d like to learn more and get exposure to early stage technology companies in Africa.

I also often invest together with Sequoia Capital (as a Scout) and with Village Global (as a Network Leader) when I personally invest in a company as well as a network of close friends and co-investors.

I invest in areas that I understand such as crypto, future of work, emerging markets and amazing people.


  • Why I angel invest: Angel Investing is about relationships, learning, paying it forward and compounding capital, in this order. There are plenty of better ways to compound capital if that is your priority.
  • A purposeful career: How angel investing allows me to have a more purposeful career by supporting entrepreneurs and creators all over the world.
  • Frameworks for angels: Here are some frameworks and learnings that I’ve used as an angel investor, in case they are helpful to anyone starting out.
  • Investment memos: My practice of structuring and writing investment memos.


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