About Me

Hi! I’m Aadil and I like to make stuff, invest in stuff, and write about it. Welcome to my personal blog.

It is a random smattering of thoughts on making software, the fast-moving world of crypto, trying to improve myself, investing in startups, the future of work, and some of my favorite trips.

I was born and raised in Mombasa, Kenya, and have spent most of my adult life studying and working in Europe, America and Africa. I love to travel and have visited over 65 countries – I enjoy eating my way through each new place, preferably with locals 🙂. My favorite food is samosa (meat, made by my grandma), though I also have fond memories of biryani in Hyderabad and pastel de natas in Portugal.

In my career, I’ve mostly worked at technology companies helping make software. I work on marketplace, developer, and creator tools at OpenSea. I’m excited to help build digitally native trade and commerce on the web. I have led product development teams at companies like Automattic, Google, and Pocket Gems for the last 15 years and helped build software that has reached hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

I care about supporting entrepreneurs across the globe (with a special interest in Africa) and have been an angel investor through my personal fund Musha Ventures for over 10 years. Technology entrepreneurship is a capital-efficient path to economic growth, and I’m thankful I can support it in a small way.

I live in NYC (which, indeed, never sleeps) with my wife, Tej, and my sons, Kal (who, thankfully, does sleep) and Remy (who does not). Thanks for taking the time to stop by, and I hope you enjoy reading!


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