Podcasts – My Faves

Note: Updated in July 2021

In addition to audio books, I love listening to podcasts. They relate mostly technology, entrepreneurship and mental models.

I use Overcast and listen to most podcasts on around 1.25-1.5x speed without any noticeable sound distortion. Overcast also has a nice feature which dynamically adjusts the speed if ads or ‘intro sequences’ are played so you save some time when listening.

Here are some of my favorites in rough order:

  • Invest Like the Best: Patrick O’Shaughnessy gets lots of smart investors and finance futurists on his show and I’ve improved as an investor through listening.
  • Tim Ferris Show: Tim can be polarizing, and his interviews are long. I pick and choose shows with people or topics where I have interest. I found his podcasts with Peter Attia to be particularly good about health and longevity.
  • Modern Finance: Kevin Rose on crypto and finance.
  • 20 Minute VC: Harry Stebbings gets really good guests on his podcasts and they move through the conversation at a pretty quick clip.
  • How To Get Rich: This special mention is a 3.5hr podcast from Naval Ravikant with some good principles. I don’t love the title, but the content is excellent.
  • All-In: Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg chat about tech, politics and investing.
  • Acquired: Deep dives into successful technology businesses that go for 2+ hours but very informative.
  • Distributed: Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic interviews folks who know a lot about building remote/distributed companies and scaling them.
  • A16Z Podcast: This is really tech centric, and I only listen to the episodes with people or topics that I’m interested in learning more about.
  • Greymatter: The Greylock team podcast about technology. I thought this series on distributed work was particularly good.
  • How I Built This: Guy Raz from NPR interviews entrepreneurs who have built successful companies and they share their stories. I’ve listened to every episode and find it quite inspiring.
  • Hidden Brain: Shankar Vedantam from NPR presents well researched episodes about the human behaviour and society.
  • Freakonomics: Steven Dubner gets some really excellent guests to talk through a variety of topical issues. I don’t listen to them all, but select the ones that I find interesting.
  • The Knowledge Project: Shane Parrish has a wide range of thought leaders across a range of areas. I don’t listen to them all, and pick the guests I find interesting.
  • Starting Greatness: Mike Maples (partner of Floodgate) gets some excellent technology investors and entrepreneurs and shares lots of good stories and wisdom.
  • Software Engineering Daily: This one is new, but I’ve enjoyed listening to more technical folks talk about designing systems.
  • Hodinkee Radio: Another niche podcast about the weird world of horology.

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