Why I’m Writing Regularly

One of my goals for 2019 was to write more on my personal blog. I set this goal for a few reasons, and hope to share about 1-2 posts per month on a variety of topics (product management, investing, personal growth and travel).

I have four main objectives for writing:

  1. Improve the quality of my writing: I stopped taking written English classes at the age of 16, and studying only Math + Science + Engineering caused the quality of my writing to stagnate. I’m writing to improve the structure, the content and the prose by which I express myself (and I’m enjoying it).
  2. Clarity of thinking: When I am forced to write something down in a way that can be understood by others, I expose the gaps in my own understanding of the subject matter. As Stephen King says “Writing is refined thinking”.
  3. Sharing with others: Sharing a written version of a mental model can spark a discussion with a friend, and open my mind to new perspectives which improves my thinking. I also get asked similar questions (e.g. how to get into product management?, what are you reading right now?) and find myself sending a slightly modified note or having the same conversation multiple times. Having a written easily shareable post on the topic can save me time.
  4. Using WordPress.com: I work at Automattic on WordPress.com so spending time writing and using our product helps me understand our product and our user experience better because I’m also experiencing our product like a ‘normal’ user.

As an aside, I think it may also be quite interesting to look back in a few years and see how I thought about a topic or expressed myself objectively vs. relying on my memory alone.

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