Blogging: It’s the right thing to do

I was initially skeptical about starting my own blog. I did not really see the point – who would read it and care what I had to say? I’ve actually found it to be a pretty interesting outlet for crystalizing my viewpoints on subject matter that is interesting or topical to me (and probably many MBA students in my position). I feel it’ll pay off at some point in a way that I would not expect – and for now i’m just enjoying expressing my thoughts.

I’m taking a class this semester with Misiek Piskorski called ‘Competing with Social Networks (CSN)’ and it’s got me to think about my online ‘brand’. I think that a blog is simply another outlet to help re-enforce this brand together with your Linkedin, facebook, twitter, Digg etc profiles – all content that you can control about yourself. A blog can also serve as a way to meet new people who are interested in your thoughts / content and also deepen relationships you have with your current network. I think it would be awesome to have a case on blogging in our CSN course…

Fred Wilson posted a few weeks ago about a blog being a very important part of your online brand and that Union Square Ventures have hired their junior investment staff on the basis of their blogs. Is a blog really more important or useful as a hiring tool than a resume? I see a resume as a collection of brands which leads to a yes/no decision on meeting the candidate. A blog is a much more powerful way of understanding how someone thinks. Resume’s and blogs serve different purposes but I can definitely see the value from a recruiting perspective of having your own blog.

I’ve also been kind of obsessing about the analytics for the site – there are a bunch of free sources that give you loads of information – I use Google Analytics and Sitemeter I’ve been tracking are the details of people who come to the site – Location, Entry Pages, Source of Click. I generally post new blog entries on twitter, facebook and Google Buzz. Facebook seems to get me the most clicks, followed by twitter and then Buzz.

I’ve had old friends reach out to me about businesses they are starting or working on, and I’ve picked up some followers on twitter who are not in my immediate network. It’s been really cool to see the effect of my blog on these old, ill maintained relationships and also in making new relationships and I am looking forward to seeing how blogging will continue to enrich my personal and professional life.

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