Product Management

I’ve worked in product management the last 15 years at different levels of scale – from concept to hundreds of millions of users (and revenue). Here are some things that I’ve learned and written about along the way:

Product Leadership

  • The “Why” behind work: Aligning on “Why” for product development work is especially important for distributed teams.
  • Product lead role: A short summary of the product lead role for large teams – product, people and process.
  • Management frameworks: Some frameworks that I like and use for running product development teams.
  • Managing performance: A framework I’ve used to manage performance (good and poor) on my teams.
  • Managing distributed teams: How I manage distributed teams – principles and practices.
  • IC to Manager: My personal struggles and learnings transitioning from an individual contributor to a manager of managers.

Product Recruiting

  • Hiring your first product manager: Advice for startups bringing on their first product manager. hire someone who can execute and never compromise for aptitude or culture fit.
  • Hiring product managers at scale: A short guide on how to hire product managers at larger organizations, but particularly for distributed and hybrid organizations. Make sure you have a written component to the process.
  • How to become a product manager: A candidate centric guide for getting into product management.

Product Rituals

Other things

  • Gamification: My thoughts on applying gamification to regular software products (not games).
  • Learnings from making a VR film: Learnings from a failed “zero to one” product building experience. Making software, especially something totally fresh, is really hard and you should expect a degree of failure (not to be confused with poor execution).