Category: Projects

  • Making a VR Film

    In 2017, I made a virtual reality (VR), live action series with a friend (who I worked with at Pocket Gems) who was the creative visionary and conceived the idea. I was new to both VR and filmmaking and this was a cool opportunity to learn a lot in a time boxed project (8 months) […]

  • Making a YouTube Video

    I made a YouTube video, with the goal of understanding what it takes to create something with reasonable production quality, completely on my own. This is a short summary of my process and learnings for others who may want to try something similar. My subgoal was to generate empathy with YouTube content creators and the […]

  • Use your Fancy Camera on Zoom

    tl;dr: A better camera, with front facing lighting will make you look much better. A fancy camera is great, but a pain to set up. The best option for most people is to attach an HD camera to your monitor, like the ones recommended by Wirecutter. This post will summarize how to set up your […]

  • Raspberry Pi Setup

    A Raspberry Pi is a super cheap ($35-60) computer. I spent a few hours setting up a Raspberry Pi, connecting it to my home wifi, enabling remote access and setting up WordPress. My goal was to get a home network set up and give myself a platform to try things like hosting a WordPress locally, […]