Category: Personal Development

  • Gut -> Data -> Gut

    I usually split decisions into ‘reversible‘ and ‘irreversible‘ (or very hard to reverse) decisions. For reversible decisions, it makes sense to experiment and test things out incrementally but for irreversible decisions I really like the gut->data->gut framework which I first heard nicely articulated by Sukhinder Singh Cassidy here. Whenever I’m at an irreversible decision, I […]

  • Personal Productivity Tools

    I love using tools to make myself more productive and let fewer things fall through the cracks. There are so many great (free) tools available and here are a few of the ones that have helped me the most: Calendly: Scheduling is one of the biggest time sinks for me. Calendly allows me to share […]

  • Personal Goal Setting and Living Deliberately

    December 2018 I wanted to share my personal process for goal setting and living more deliberately, that I’ve been doing for the last 8 years. I always do it around this time of the year so thought it was a timely moment to share 🙂 My objective in life is to maximise both long term […]

  • State of Tech in Kenya

    Note: I wrote this about 9 months ago after spending most of 2015 living and working in Nairobi. I have had enough people express interest in reading my notes that I thought I would share broadly. Summary I lived Kenya over the last 6 months and left feeling inspired. I believe there is tremendous opportunity […]

  • Changing my Industry

    I left my job at Pocket Gems in 2015 to figure out what I should do next with my life. I had always wanted to work on technology in emerging markets (particularly sub-saharan Africa) and did not really know the best way to start doing that. I’m Kenyan, born in Mombasa, but have spent the […]

  • Individual Contributor to Manager

    In my last role at Pocket Gems, I transitioned from an individual contributor (IC) to a manager and then to a manager of managers. It was a hard transition as we grew from 5 people to 150 in less than a year and a half, but I learned a lot along the way. I was […]

  • Why are people with MBAs called ‘MBAs’ forever?

    I don’t really get why people who have MBAs are pigeon holed with an ‘MBA’ as their primary tagline for the rest of their careers. It’s a short part of your career and half the length of your undergraduate degree. Why am I more of an MBA than an engineer? I think people probably get […]

  • Founding a Company – When?

    I don’t think that I am a born entrepreneur. I think that I can see opportunity and potential, and have some ideas but I’ve not yet taken the plunge to start my own business. The truth is that I am pretty risk averse. I have been interested in technology for a while now, but only […]

  • Blogging: It’s the right thing to do

    I was initially skeptical about starting my own blog. I did not really see the point – who would read it and care what I had to say? I’ve actually found it to be a pretty interesting outlet for crystalizing my viewpoints on subject matter that is interesting or topical to me (and probably many MBA students in […]

  • Approaching Start-Ups and VCs

    Continuing on from my last post.. an MBA looking for a start up opportunity.. I think it’s important when you approach early stage start-ups and Venture Capitalists to clearly articulate what value you could bring (particularly for small ventures) but try and retain humility. You want to make it an easy decision for them to […]

  • An MBA Looking for a Start-Up Opportunity…

    Like many MBAs out there, I’m looking to work for a start up when I graduate in June – a recent survey showed that appox 15% of our 2010 HBS class feels the same.  I really like new/innovative technology and the internet and so I’ve narrowed my search to that area with a focus on the […]