Category: Personal Development

  • Being 40

    In August, I turned 40. I have much to be thankful for; healthy and independent parents, a growing family, and interesting and intellectually fulfilling work. However, it was also bittersweet. I had a sore ankle, a sore lower back, and felt older. As a husband and father, I want to be at my best for […]

  • Books in 2021

    I did not get to 21 books in 2021, but ended the year on 18 books – I spent more of my time listening to podcasts (mostly about crypto). Here is a list of the books I read in chronological order along with a few notes I made while reading – a * next to […]

  • Three Thoughts (at 39)

    I turned 39 this month and I had three thoughts / reflections that I thought I’d write down and share: Great people, over long term: Meet lots of new people and be open, generous and curious. When you discover great people try to help them repeatedly without asking for anything in return. Relationships are built […]

  • A Purposeful Career

    I’m starting to find more purpose in my career, and invest more time, energy and capital into activities that further this purpose (my 2021 goals here). There was a period in my life where I thought I only wanted to work on problems in emerging markets (particularly Africa) and although I still care deeply about […]

  • My Parental Leave

    I just spent two months looking after my three month old son (Kal). I really enjoyed the time we had together and it was wonderful to focus on family and interests outside of my job at Automattic. Time with my Son The majority of my time was spent with my son, Kal, and with immediate […]

  • My Top 3 Things for 2021

    Every year I go through a holistic planning and review process between Christmas and New Year, and this year marks the 10th year of this practice. 2020 was a challenging year but there were also some really wonderful things that came out of it; my son’s birth and early life, getting to know my in-laws […]

  • 20 Books in 2020

    This is a list of the last 20 books I read in chronological order, and a * next to the book means I particularly recommend it. For each book, I write 1-2 takeaway points while I’m reading, not necessarily at the end. I enjoyed almost all these books, and learned a lot from them. I […]

  • A Lifelong MBA

    I think that the business schools should consider an annual subscription to facilitate lifelong learning as a replacement or complement to the 2 year MBA program. This would include contextual webinars / discussions with experts, and bringing small groups of alumni together around shared challenges over longer periods of time. A month after my 26th […]

  • Seeking Leverage

    Leverage allows us to amplify the impact of our creations and decisions. If we apply leverage to these things we can create more value for the amount of time invested. Leverage is not easy to attain, and the different forms of leverage either don’t scale easily or require specialist skills and the ability to distribute […]

  • Advice for my Younger Self

    I enjoyed Garry Tan’s 3 lessons at 32 years that he wished he knew when he was 16 years – I often refer to them and it inspired this post for me. Here are a few things I’d advise a younger me, – some re-enforcing existing behavior and some to change behavior: Compound learning: Optimize […]

  • Why I’m Writing Regularly

    One of my goals for 2019 was to write more on my personal blog. I set this goal for a few reasons, and hope to share about 1-2 posts per month on a variety of topics (product management, investing, personal growth and travel). I have four main objectives for writing: Improve the quality of my […]

  • 19 Books in 2019

    I started listening to books via Audible and it’s really helped me ‘read’ more, and am consuming books at about 3-4x the rate that I did in 2018. I prefer audio for most stories, and especially for autobiographies spoken by the author themselves. I also decided to write 1 line for each book that I […]