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  • Investing in Africa

    Once when I was 6 years old, sitting in the car with my father in city traffic, a homeless boy about my age knocked on the window. My father opened the window and handed him some candy. Then he turned to me and said, “You are sitting here and that little boy is out there. […]

  • Predictions for the Future

    The goal of this post is to opine on some things that 20-30 years from now (our children) would be surprised that our generation thought was ‘normal’. I am looking forward to reading this later in my life and seeing how it plays out! I’ve broken this up into two categories – predictions where I […]

  • Unbundling your Job

    Why do we have jobs? Jobs provide us with a bundle of many things, which is why they’ve been around for so long: Predictable cashflow: cover lifestyle costs, plan for the future. Benefits: 401k retirement accounts, health and life insurance, paid time off, access to new capital such as mortgages. Purpose: creative outlet, sense of […]

  • Investing in “Indie” Ideas

    From time to time, I have an opinion on how the world may evolve and have not found a good way to invest in these kinds of macro theses. It’s too difficult or time consuming to find public (or private) products that provide access to these types of investment opportunities. I would love to find […]

  • An Outlook on Facebook

    Facebook (FB) is under a lot of fire right now but despite public perception, I think that FB is still a great long term investment. They’ve made many mistakes and lost consumer trust (with a certain segment of users) due to recent incidents such as Cambridge Analytica, data privacy in general and poor content moderation.  […]

  • Tips on startup decks and pitching

    I’ve been investing in startups across the globe for the last 10 years and seen a lot of pitch decks that vary significantly in quality. Particularly when you come from a ‘non-traditional background’ or are an entrepreneur in an emerging market it’s a source of differentiation to have a high quality deck for investors. Here […]

  • Investor updates for startups

    I’ve invested in about 30 companies over the last 6 years and received a lot of different investor updates. Some companies send few, sporadic (often too detailed), updates whereas others send updates with a fixed structure and on a predictable schedule. I think the sweet spot for many micro vcs with a portfolio is quarterly […]

  • State of Tech in Kenya

    Note: I wrote this about 9 months ago after spending most of 2015 living and working in Nairobi. I have had enough people express interest in reading my notes that I thought I would share broadly. Summary I lived Kenya over the last 6 months and left feeling inspired. I believe there is tremendous opportunity […]

  • Investing Responsibly

    The inspiration for this post was my Business at the Base of the Pyramid class at Harvard Business School and it’s something that I have been pondering as I consider being an early stage investor in East African technology businesses. There are two main kinds of capital deployed to emerging markets to stimulate economic activity […]

  • Education and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets

    I’m a believer in two key methods to alleviate poverty and stimulate long-term economic growth for developing countries:  Education – Out of all children in Kenya about 85% of children attend primary school (but <50% finish), 24% of children attend secondary school, and 2% attend higher institutions. At this level of attrition more than half […]

  • Kenya – Silicon Safari

    San Francisco has Silicon Valley, New York has Silicon Alley, London has Silicon Round and Tel-Aviv has Silicon Wadi. I think Kenya could have Silicon Safari*, and I’d love to be part of making that happen. I never really thought I would go back to Kenya, but when I was back home this summer I had […]

  • Digital Sky Technologies – The Mini Exit

    Digital Sky Technologies (DST) have created a new class of investment in the western world that has caught both the entrepreneurial community and investment community by surprise. They have purchesed significant minority stakes in extremely high profile pre-IPO technology companies such as Zynga, Facebook and Groupon. They take long positions on these companies by buying large […]