Category: Ideas and Mental Models

  • Better consumer banking and investing

    Almost everyone I know has too much of their assets in cash sitting in bank accounts relative to their risk profile. It’s generally hard to figure out how to get started as an investor and most people just don’t know how to go about it. Financial advisors are typically fairly expensive (2% management fees) and […]

  • Future of wearables

    I don’t really like the current set of wearable offerings. I’ve used the Nike Fuel Band, Jawbone Up and the Basis. Initially, the novelty is cool, but in the end they all fall short as none of them are really accurate enough or fully featured enough to be anything more than a gimmick. In the […]

  • Mobile software technology (primarily OS)

    I spent some time writing down some of the things that bother me about using my mobile phone, and thought I would share some improvements that I think would make using my phone even better. Apple’s IOS 8 and Google’s Kit Kat are addressing much of it. Web links over email and text – There […]

  • Investing Responsibly

    The inspiration for this post was my Business at the Base of the Pyramid class at Harvard Business School and it’s something that I have been pondering as I consider being an early stage investor in East African technology businesses. There are two main kinds of capital deployed to emerging markets to stimulate economic activity […]

  • Education and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets

    I’m a believer in two key methods to alleviate poverty and stimulate long-term economic growth for developing countries:  Education – Out of all children in Kenya about 85% of children attend primary school (but <50% finish), 24% of children attend secondary school, and 2% attend higher institutions. At this level of attrition more than half […]

  • Digital Sky Technologies – The Mini Exit

    Digital Sky Technologies (DST) have created a new class of investment in the western world that has caught both the entrepreneurial community and investment community by surprise. They have purchesed significant minority stakes in extremely high profile pre-IPO technology companies such as Zynga, Facebook and Groupon. They take long positions on these companies by buying large […]