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  • Building on Solana

    I’ve been learning more about the Solana Ecosystem and pulling together resources that could be helpful to folks that are starting to build on Solana. Solana uses a language called Rust which is used at companies like Dropbox, Yelp, and Mozilla. Rust is a powerful language but many teams (and engineers) particularly in emerging markets […]

  • Developing Crypto

    The biggest opportunity over the next decade is onboarding the next 1BN people into crypto. There are currently around 4m users who interact with DeFi and 80m unique blockchain wallets (0.1% of the global population). We are still in the very early stages of mass adoption of crypto, and chain tribalism distracts from the larger […]

  • A Global M-Pesa

    We need a Global M-Pesa / Venmo powered by crypto rails. Both these products are closed ecosystems powered by outdated, expensive rails compatible with their chosen markets. Crypto will ultimately enable even better user experiences but powered by rails that give participants access to global finance, trade, and commerce. M-Pesa was transformative in Kenya. It […]

  • The Potential of NFTs

    The internet was transformative because it democratized access to information and enabled instant, rich communication. Crypto and NFTs will power digitally native property and payment rails which will result in digitally native global trade and commerce. Cryptocurrency allows people to transact seamlessly and agree on the terms for the transfer of value instantly and trustlessly. […]

  • Solana – Practical Primer

    I’ve been spending the last few months getting deeper in the Solana ecosystem because of the explosion of new projects, attractive yields and step function better crypto experience enabled by faster speeds (65,000 transactions per second) and lower cost (fraction of a penny). The goal of this post is to give new users a starting […]

  • Angel Investing Areas

    I’ve been an angel investor for over 10 years. I try to invest in areas where I have have some sort of asymmetric advantage; usually in specific areas where I have knowledge and experience or people who I know well. Here are some areas that I’m super excited about and actively investing. Crypto / Web3 […]

  • My DeFi Investment Strategy (2021)

    I’m experimenting with Decentralized Finance (DeF) as I’ve been thinking more about unbundling of work and cash flow. I think that DeFi, and yield farming in particular, could be a viable mechanism to generate predictable cash flow, that is not tied to active labor. I hope to be able to only commit a few hours […]

  • DeFi Set Up and Project Diligence

    DeFi is evolving quickly and presents interesting opportunities to make money by investing in new projects. This is a summary of what I wish I’d done before starting to invest more seriously and my current diligence process before backing a project.  As always, I’m writing this all up to be helpful to others, clarify my […]

  • The Depths of DeFi

    Decentralized Finance could potentially change the way we interact with financial services forever and is a total rabbit hole. Here are some of the “levels of depth” that you can get into DeFi and roughly reflects my journey into the DeFi abyss (yes, I will be overusing this analogy!). I don’t think that most people […]

  • Why Decentralized Finance?

    One of the movements I’m most excited about is decentralized finance. Here is the description is taken directly from the Investopedia article which sums it up nicely.  “Decentralized finance is a system by which financial products become available on a public decentralized blockchain network, making them open to anyone to use, rather than going through […]

  • Crypto Investment Strategy

    Bitcoin has increased by 300% in the last three months from $10k (Oct 3) to $33k per $BTC (Jan 3). Ethereum has also increased by 270% in the same period from $350 (Oct 3) to $950 (Jan 3) per $ETH. I started buying Cryptocurrency in early 2013 ($BTC mainly) mainly because I thought it was […]

  • Unbundling your Job

    Why do we have jobs? Jobs provide us with a bundle of many things, which is why they’ve been around for so long: Predictable cashflow: cover lifestyle costs, plan for the future. Benefits: 401k retirement accounts, health and life insurance, paid time off, access to new capital such as mortgages. Purpose: creative outlet, sense of […]