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  • A Global M-Pesa

    We need a Global M-Pesa / Venmo powered by crypto rails. Both these products are closed ecosystems powered by outdated, expensive rails compatible with their chosen markets. Crypto will ultimately enable even better user experiences but powered by rails that give participants access to global finance, trade, and commerce. M-Pesa was transformative in Kenya. It […]

  • Angel Investing Areas

    I’ve been an angel investor for over 10 years. I try to invest in areas where I have have some sort of asymmetric advantage; usually in specific areas where I have knowledge and experience or people who I know well. Here are some areas that I’m super excited about and actively investing. Crypto / Web3 […]

  • Democratizing VC Investing in Africa

    Most people don’t have access to investment opportunities in either emerging markets or private markets. Access to early-stage investing (venture capital), in particular, requires prohibitively high minimum amounts of capital, and emerging markets investing requires specific knowledge and access. While it would be rational (both for diversification and long term gain) for many investors to […]

  • Investing in Africa

    Once when I was 6 years old, sitting in the car with my father in city traffic, a homeless boy about my age knocked on the window. My father opened the window and handed him some candy. Then he turned to me and said, “You are sitting here and that little boy is out there. […]

  • State of Tech in Kenya

    Note: I wrote this about 9 months ago after spending most of 2015 living and working in Nairobi. I have had enough people express interest in reading my notes that I thought I would share broadly. Summary I lived Kenya over the last 6 months and left feeling inspired. I believe there is tremendous opportunity […]