Author: Aadil

  • The “Why” Behind Work

    Aligning on “Why” for product development work is always important, but it’s especially important for distributed teams. When the “Why” is consistently missing, projects end up feeling like a list of context free tasks from ‘up above’ and teams can become demotivated and resentful – no one likes being told what to do all the […]

  • Product Development Practices

    This post is a collection of some product development practices that I think are valuable. It’s not meant to be an exhaustive list, just a collection of thoughts. Goals and Planning “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything” Dwight Eisenhower, 1954 Planning allows teams to get aligned and having clear goals, priorities and metrics for […]

  • Role of a Product Lead

    I’ve been leading product development teams for over 10 years in different industries (ads, gaming, fintech, tools) and customer segments (consumer, enterprise, SMBs). There are a few things have been consistently true across these industries, but particularly at scale. I typically broken up my role into four different buckets: Principles: What is our building culture? […]

  • Operating Systems for Distributed Work

    Even after we no longer have to physically distance, more software development teams will be fully distributed (people can work from anywhere) or employ a hybrid structure. Hybrid structures could include people hybrid (some people in an office and some people working remotely) or time hybrid (entire teams working some days in the office and […]

  • A More Open World

    I’m excited to bring my children up in a world where anyone can learn anything, anyone can invest in anything, where world class software/tools are free to use and customize, and where anyone can contribute to software development regardless of their physical location. We have made progress on all these dimensions and we’ll see even […]

  • Crypto Investment Strategy

    Bitcoin has increased by 300% in the last three months from $10k (Oct 3) to $33k per $BTC (Jan 3). Ethereum has also increased by 270% in the same period from $350 (Oct 3) to $950 (Jan 3) per $ETH. I started buying Cryptocurrency in early 2013 ($BTC mainly) mainly because I thought it was […]

  • My Parental Leave

    I just spent two months looking after my three month old son (Kal). I really enjoyed the time we had together and it was wonderful to focus on family and interests outside of my job at Automattic. Time with my Son The majority of my time was spent with my son, Kal, and with immediate […]

  • My Top 3 Things for 2021

    Every year I go through a holistic planning and review process between Christmas and New Year, and this year marks the 10th year of this practice. 2020 was a challenging year but there were also some really wonderful things that came out of it; my son’s birth and early life, getting to know my in-laws […]

  • Tools to Power Distributed Work

    The way we build software and collaborate is going through an accelerated evolution as more organizations adopt distributed and hybrid (partially in person) work. In both cases, tools and processes will be designed for distributed work first, which can then be adapted to in-person more easily than the other way around. There is a lot […]

  • Measuring Productivity of Distributed Teams

    Measuring productivity is hard, especially for knowledge workers and craftspeople who are building software products.  People are typically the most expensive asset for technology organizations, yet it feels like the internal systems for defining and measuring productivity are archaic and don’t match the methodical approach we use for external product development (iterative, data+gut) in customer […]

  • Decentralized Game Development

    There has been a movement towards decentralization of content creation in many industries (Youtube for video, WordPress for writing, Podcasting for radio). These creators and storytellers now have the tools to deliver high quality experiences (without massive budgets) and have access to distribution platforms to find and grow audiences, which was very hard to do […]

  • Creating Liquidity in Private Markets

    Two of the most significant issues with private market investing are their inherent illiquidity and the unpredictable nature of exits. It means that you need to ‘invest and forget’ when investing in private markets, and is particularly true for angel investing. This problem also applies to equity based compensation for employees at startups, where employees […]